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Best Data Rooms for Funds

In modern conditions, the problem of data automation in enterprises and funds remains one of the most important and complex. This, Virtual Data Rooms are in demand.

What is a Virtual Data Room for Funds?

The modern rapid development of technology forces managers of various enterprises and organizations to find the optimal information technology that will best meet the requirements of these enterprises and organizations given the specifics of their activities. Management information systems primarily ensure the implementation of the management process of the enterprise to obtain maximum profit.

In modern conditions, an organized system of information flows plays an important role in effective management and contributes to the fund’s strategy, which is to attract customers, expand sales of its services, gain a strong position in the credit market and ultimately increase profitability.

At the present stage, the fund`s sector has advanced information systems that allow timely receipt of information and management decisions within banks. The information system is characterized by the parameters of input and output, which are interdependent, between them there is a direct causal relationship, which is manifested in the functioning of the system.

Thus, the functionality of the Data Room system allows you to solve all the typical tasks of funds office work:

  • automate the registration of documents and tasks;
  • to ensure effective interaction of employees within the framework of work on documents;
  • to carry out an instant search for information;
  • control the execution of work initiated by documents and assignments;
  • monitor the status of the processes being performed and analyze the workload of personnel through the formation of various logs and reports;
  • organize long-term storage of documents of the organization;
  • to ensure differentiation of the employees’ access rights to information.

Reliability and safety when working with information are ensured by:

  • differentiation of access rights to documents, including using user roles, which is convenient for temporary or permanent replacement of positions;
  • cryptographic encryption and the use of digital signature;
  • logging of user actions in the system.

Thus, Data Room system will increase the efficiency of the funds, division, department, the productivity of individual employees and divisions in general, improve executive discipline, reduce the time for execution of orders, increase the efficiency of obtaining the necessary information, the quality of management decisions due to more adequate reflecting the real situation in the management model, create a unified information and management space at the enterprise.

Best Data Rooms alternatives for funds 

Many funds are rightly reluctant to transfer sensitive documents and data to an external cloud platform. After all, nobody knows who can gain access to these large data pools. Thus, the following Data Room providers have developed an infrastructure that can make data jointly usable and thus enables companies to transport and exchange data without any concerns about security or law.

The list of top the best Data Rooms for funds include the following options:

  • iDeals
  • Intralinks
  • SecureDocs
  • Merill
  • Fordata
  • Firmex
  • DealRoom

On the basis of this infrastructure, companies can then go about their business, create value-added offers and develop innovative services without having to organize the data exchange independently. The individual companies must determine in advance how the information that can be shared will be released. In principle, only certified participants whose identity has previously been checked are allowed access to the protected data room. A prerequisite for data protection and security is that the data sent can always be processed by the recipient.

Intralinks Via Pro Benefits and Alternatives

In their day-to-day business, companies are confronted with a comprehensive exchange of data, be it in the course of negotiations with business partners or exchanges between employees at different locations. In this case, Intralinks Via Pro is a good alternative.

The purpose of the Electronic Data Room document management system

The continuous growth of the volume of documentation all over the world, the increasingly widespread use of electronic computers in information processing, the use of non-paper media, and other objective factors lead specialists to the conclusion that it is necessary to search for new opportunities for mastering and managing documented information.

For this purpose, Virtual Data Room with a file-sharing function is the most suitable solution. The main goal of the Data Room electronic document management is the introduction of modern software and hardware for the automation of processing processes.

 Among the tasks solved here can be distinguished:

  • aimed at improving the work of employees;
  • reduction of the time of the agreement;
  • increasing the performing discipline;
  • clear and transparent access control;
  • classification of documents, facilitating their search;
  • structured storage of related documents;
  • history of work with the document.

The functionality of Intralinks Via Pro service

Intralinks Via Pro is the electronic document management system that allows you to build a full-fledged system for managing business processes and organization documents.

Intralinks Via Pro platform helps transform a wide range of slow expensive and information-intensive tasks into streamlined efficient and real-time business processes. The platform allows collaboration through the creation of workstreams enabling business professionals to work together on documents or projects. Further Intralinks Via which is accessible through a simple web-based user interface allows users to access and share files at any time from their desktops to their mobile devices with control and monitoring over the content wherever it goes Intralinks Via integrates with existing applications and systems providing an extension of familiar tools and experiences and the means to coordinate work across people organizations and devices.

The flexibility of the system allows you to automate the organization’s document flow both in accordance with the requirements for office work and with the requirements of regulations, regulations, and instructions for working with documents developed and used by the organization.

Through Intralink Via Pro technology integrators and third parties, developers can create and deploy new business applications customized to specific customer requirements Additionally they can connect and integrate Intralinks Exchanges with existing content management systems and collaboration services as well as manage workflow and information exchange between systems

The benefits of intercorporate electronic data exchange via Intralink Via Pro

The introduction of Intralinks Via Pro electronic document management system allows you to solve several problems and achieve certain goals. The main objectives of the implementation project are usually the achievement of the following benchmarks:

  • Providing a unified document repository with appropriate access security policies;
  • Operational control of specific tasks (task controllers should always be aware of the current state of affairs, without additional meetings and calls);
  • Providing analytical information (current work statistics) promptly and efficiently;
  • Reducing the time for the implementation of management decisions;
  • Reducing the time for approval of orders, instructions, etc.;
  • Reducing the time for processing a document dozens of times, reducing the cost of office and sending/delivery of documents, as well as the wages of employees of the office and archivists;
  • Improving the quality of the company’s work in the sense of reducing the processing time of requests and the number of errors made during processing.

VDR Meaning & Examples

VDR solutions have become a vital part of every corporate structure. What a Data Room is, what advantages it offers, and where it is specifically used will be examined in more detail below.

Where do we use VDR?

Just as the Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate VDRs have revolutionized the transaction process. The move to this one online platform is inevitable. The use of VDRs continues to increase, digitization and globalization are two reasons for this. Companies operating all over the world benefit from this in international projects. Documents with sensitive data and time-critical information are accessible to several participants, even outside the company, through Data Rooms. So, what is the VDR meaning?

A virtual data room (VDR) is a secure collaborative tool that holds one online storage center for data. These data rooms are used to transmit confidential information efficiently and securely.

As already mentioned at the beginning, VDRs offer different parties the possibility of a secure and controlled exchange of data. By controlling the present, denying unauthorized access, and preventing the removal and copying of documents, a physical Data Room is reproduced in the best possible way, but with the advantage of being able to access it from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

The digitization of documents also saves resources and time. All those involved, depending on the project, can access the information relevant to them at the same time and work together much more efficiently. Working paperlessly both protects the environment and saves time and money when you no longer need to print out documents. At the same time, it also ensures greater security, because files stored in the VDR cannot be forgotten or lost. One of the other advantages of the software is that they accelerate the course of projects and transactions and save costs.

The best examples of VDR software

The most important Data Room providers in the market are listed below:

  • Grau DataSpace is particularly suitable for setting up Data Rooms in your own data center. The solution scores with a large selection of clients and many security functions.
  • Brainloop scores in the test with a company-oriented security concept and very good equipment. Another plus point is the intuitive operation.
  • Netfiles is a practical Data Room that offers the professional many options. For example, data exchange can be secured and time-limited using a password.
  • Teamplace presents itself as a simple and intuitively usable Data Room solution. The software cannot keep up with the functionality of other products, but the price is extremely cheap.
  • The Drooms is characterized by question-and-answer logging, which is particularly suitable for negotiations with business partners.
  • Merrill is a US company with European sales offices in the UK, Germany, and France. The company was founded as a printing company in the 1960s and has built up various services and solutions in the IT sector over the past few decades.

To summarize, if you want to process complex, business-critical documents in a revision-proof manner, the Brainloop is most likely to address you. If, on the other hand, you just want to quickly provide the documents to a project group, the Teamplace will be the perfect variant for you, especially since it makes sense to use it even in the free version.

IT managers and CIOs, who want or have maximum security and are not ready to hand their data into the cloud, are more likely to resort to solutions such as Grau Data, or Intralinks, or iDeals. And those who value negotiating comfort are sure to find something special about Drooms practical question-and-answer logging.